What Should You Do When You Suffer A Dental Injury?

What Should You Do When You Suffer A Dental Injury?

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Dental injuries can happen for a number of reasons.

A simple fall, sports or road accidents can cause an injury to occur and any blow to the face can cause the soft tissues or gums to become damaged and/ or the teeth to loosen or come out completely.

If you suffer a dental injury, this article will give you an idea of what to do. Dr Samuel Ofori-Attah of Foxhall Dental Practice offers advice below.

First Aid

In the event that the person who has been injured has had a blow to the head, then emergency medical advice should always be sought. Visit your nearest A&E and get an assessment just to check there isn’t any injury or concussion. Emergency medical help should also be sought if the injury seems to be causing a risk in the way of bleeding or swelling (if it is blocking the airways or threatening to).

If a tooth has been knocked out try to avoid touching the root and pick it up by the top of the tooth, rinse it and then place it back in the socket gently. Don’t worry about placement, just place it back in the socket and dentist will adjust it when they see you. You should bite down gently on the tooth if possible. If the tooth cannot be replaced, it should be kept in milk, or if you do not have any milk, then saliva will do. Any broken teeth should be kept, but not placed back in the mouth.

In most situations seeking medical advice, whether that is an emergency department or your Ipswich emergency dentist, is really important so that you get the right treatment for your injury. Even if you think you are OK, it is possible there could be injury beneath the surface that you can’t see.

Treating Dental Injuries

Loose, knocked out, broken teeth and root fractures are all common dental injuries. How they are treated is totally individual to the person because the injury may cause specific problems that need resolving. In all cases your dentist will work hard to preserve the teeth and gums and save everything possible. In the case that you lose a tooth or part of a tooth permanently and it cannot be saved, there are a wide variety of solutions for you such dental bridges, dentures and the latest in innovative and modern dentistry, dental implants. We can suggest all of the relevant solutions to you when you come to us, ensuring you have a transparent idea of costs, timescales and expectations before agreeing to a treatment plan moving forward.

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